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A friend recommended You Are A Badass At Making Money by Jen Sincero and I really enjoyed it.

Her motivational and supportive tone are just what today’s modern woman needs to get out there and make her best life happen.

It’s a great book for men as well, as Jen doesn’t make any recommendations men can’t follow as well, I just felt it was great for women.

There is so much to put into this course from Jen’s book. It’s motivating to know that there is a lot of action you can take to get your mindset right and move in the right direction.

I’m actually excited to write this out because it will be something I reference often to work on my own mindset. So, let’s get to it.

Day 1: You CAN Make Money

And, I mean LOTS of it. That’s the main point of this book. Just think about that for a minute, IT IS POSSIBLE to make the money you dream of.

Let’s start this course off by visualizing all of the things you will do when you’ve made the money you want to.

Instruction: Here are two activities that will help:
Make a new board on Pinterest and add all of the things you will buy, the places you will go, how you’ll decorate your house and yard, services you’ll pay for, everything!!!

OR, Write it down: Using I will statements, write out:

  • What you’ll buy
  • Where you’ll travel
  • How your life will be easier
  • What school you’ll send the kids to
  • The vacations you and your significant other will take
  • What items you’ll upgrade around the house

For example here are some of my I will statements:

  • I will take my family to Australia on an awesome family adventure.
  • I will pay for my house in cash
  • I will enroll my sons in private school
  • I will help my aunt buy a house for her grandchildren
  • I will buy my oldest his first car

Day 2: There Will Be No More Settling

If you’ve gotten to the point of your life where you are DONE being poor, living from paycheck to paycheck, hoping work will show up or praying for enough money to pay the bills, you know you are done settling.

You have to no longer be willing to skimp on what you want, say you can’t afford things, etc.

Instruction: Stop yourself! Whenever you start leaning on your old ways, stop yourself and say

“That isn’t acceptable, I am doing better.” Sure, this won’t take away the present issues you are dealing with, but you are starting to build your new standards, so stay focused on improving your mindset to get there.

Day 3: Please, Allow Yourself to Get Rich

It’s odd that so many of us wish we could be rich but are actually stopping ourselves from getting there because we just don’t understand what we are doing.

We basically have limiting beliefs, language, and thoughts holding us back. One of the major beliefs contributing to this is how we view the rich and what it means to love money.

Instruction: Fix your beliefs about being rich and loving money.

Here are some statements that should help: 

  • I can be rich and still be a great person. 
  • Being rich will allow me to help others. 
  • Loving money is great and I can still love everything else.

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Day 4: Let’s Say It Together: I Love Money

It’s time to give money so much needed love. That doesn’t mean we have to prioritize it over anything else in life, just our limiting beliefs. Just like you love your pets, doesn’t mean you don’t love your kids, loving money is perfectly acceptable.

Instruction: Take a new page in your journal or notebook and list out all the ways you love money and why. Your money mindset needs so deep love to start working with the Universe and bringing in the dough. 

Here’s my list of why I love money:

  • I love money because it gives me freedom
  • I love money because it allows me to spend more time with my kids
  • I love money because it lets me help my family
  • I love money because it allows me to share experiences with my family
  • I love money because I get to travel to more zoos
  • I love money because it lets me spread love from God
  • I love money because it lets me take better care of my dog
  • I love money because it allows me to see awesome places

Day 5: Tackling Your Relationship with Money

Simply loving money isn’t enough. There are still years of bad blood (possibly) between you and money. Let’s start working on that today.

Instruction: This exercise is straight from the book and it’s awesome – write your letter to money. If you haven’t yet, tell money all about the struggle you feel about it and how you feel about money in general. This is going to unleash all of those limiting beliefs that keep you where you are today and show you where you need to start turning those beliefs around. 

Dear Money,

For years we’ve struggled as I hope more of you will come along and feel like I can’t depend on you. Whether I have a job, clients, or my own business, you come and go as freely as you’d like and I’m left needing more. I want you here all of the time. I hate letting you go to pay bills and experience life because I never know when you’ll be back. I’m ready to fix this and do better.

Please make your letter as long as needed, we will start working on improving these limiting beliefs next week.

Days 6 & 7: It’s The Weekend

Spend some money!! One of the ways to show money you are open to more of it is to spend it. So, if you can make even the smallest of purchases, do so with the highest energy.

Then love some quotes from Jen:

“It’s about creating the wealth that affords you the life you’d love to live instead of settling for what you think you can get.”

“I love and approve of myself, I am open to all good and abundance of the Universe, I know what I’m doing, I deserve success and respect and awards and money and the best the world has to offer, there is plenty of money and prolific prosperity for everyone, especially me!!”

“A healthy desire for wealth is not greed, it’s a desire for life.”

Day 8: You Can & Must Overcome Limiting Beliefs

One of the biggest themes I’ve found in ‘You are a Badass at Making Money’ is the need to work on your beliefs.

Not only do you have to let bad beliefs go, but by replacing them you actually make a huge difference in your mindset, you take something negative, release it, so you are back to zero, then add something powerful that brings you into the positive – yay.

But doing it is hard because you actually have to find and weed out all of these bad beliefs. And they are everywhere. They will come up when you are commuting to work, cooking dinner, reading or writing, etc.

Instruction: To begin, start writing out all of your negative thoughts and beliefs about money. When it comes to mind jot it down. Go back to other lists and notes you’ve taken in this course, such as your letter to money, and find those beliefs. Tomorrow we start work on turning them around. 

Day 9: Identifying and Reframing Beliefs

Today is a big day, we are going to reframe some of those beliefs. You began identifying them yesterday, and I bet you already have a long list. We are going to ramp it up today.

Instruction: Add to the list.

Think of the following things to add to your negative beliefs about money: 

  • How do you feel about paying bills and why?
  • What did your parents teach you about money and how does that affect you today?
  • How does your paycheck make you feel about money?
  • What do you think about money when you consider going on vacation?
  • What do you think about money when you think about retirement?
  • How does your bank account or savings account make you feel about money?
  • How do your friends and spouse make you feel about money?
  • How does eating out make you feel about money?

We are literally surrounded with opportunities that affect our money mindset, and we have to turn them ALL around. Let’s get to work.

After each one of the negative beliefs or thoughts you have about money you will write out a positive response to refer to instead. This list is going to be your bible of new thoughts about money.

For example: 

“Eating out makes me feel guilty that I’ve spent money on something stupid.” New response – I love eating out and spending my money on it, it gives me an enjoyable experience with my family and I’m thankful to money for that.

“My lame bank account makes me feel like there is never enough money” New response – My bank account is showing my how much I love having more money come into my life, bring it on money, I am open to you coming.

“My paycheck is small and makes me wish I had more money” – My paycheck makes me realize how big the opportunity is to make it larger. I’m ready for bigger opportunities to grow my income.

“My parents taught me money is a lifelong struggle and it’s really hard to have enough” – Money is everywhere and I’m ready and open to allowing it into my life, it can and is easy to get more and I it’s on its way now.

Day 10: Aligning Beliefs Words & Thoughts

Words become thoughts, thoughts become actions, actions become habits.

I’m not sure exactly who said this, but it applies here, in every way. When we say we don’t have money, we think we don’t have money, then we act like we don’t have money and finally through habit we know we don’t have money and it is never enough.

Instruction: Our beliefs, thoughts, and words MUST be in alignment in EVERY way, there is no exception. Starting today, you will catch yourself when you think any negative thought and turn it around regardless of what you want to think, how you feel, etc. 

Further, take that new thought and say it out loud, repeat multiple times, and write it in your journal. Let’s work on doing this as much as possible with a goal of at least 3x a day, writing negative feelings about money, fixing it, and repeating it out loud. 

For example: Today when I woke up I immediately thought “great another day of no money” and thought, that is not helpful. Then I said out loud, “I am open to money coming to me in expected and unexpected ways today.”

If you have a hard time coming up with money affirmations check out Pinterest. Search for money mindset, abundance, or money affirmations. It’s gold!!

Day 11: Universal Intelligence & Meditation

Your direction for how to get more money and what to do to increase your opportunities comes from Universal Intelligence (some people consider this God).

And the way to connect with that Intelligence is through meditation.

*Just an off side here, in Think & Grow Rich, there is a lot of talk about spending quiet time to pick up on the creativity from Universal Intelligence as well. Practices like this were used by Henry Ford and Thomas Edison.

Instruction: Spend time listening, quietly to Universal Intelligence. Meditate, 5 mins at a time to start, but as often as you can, especially if you are really trying to manifest some money.

Keep a notebook by your side and write down what you come up with, then take action. You are being guided, follow the directions. 

Day 12: Raise Your Frequency

In many cases, you probably feel sullen, dull, and even sad about money. But what you put out, you get more of, so you have to fix this.

You have to raise your frequency and get excited and happy about money, so you can continue to stay happy about it, by bringing more in.

Instruction: Get excited about money. Write out some of the awesome ways you’ll spend money, how it will improve your life, who specifically you will help, why you want more of it, and how it makes you feel. 

You’ve done this in past days, so whenever you feel down about money, FIX IT IMMEDIATELY by referring to those notes, or if you can’t because you are at work, take out your phone and start typing out your answers in notes. 

If that doesn’t work, visit Pinterest and type in money affirmations. You have to identify when you are off track and get back on ASAP. OR listen to music, it’s very motivating.

Here are a few of my favorites from Pinterest: 

I release all resistance to money. I am worthy of positive cash flow.

Abundance is my natural state. Money comes easily to come.

I allow my income to constantly expand, and I always live in comfort and joy.

I deserve to have enough money to live the life I am dreaming about.

Days 13 & 14: Weekend #2 – Gratitude

This weekend I want you to be thankful for everything money does for you. Make a list, and keep being grateful for EVERYTHING and to everyone.

This quote from one of the success stories is awesome for this.

“I started saying mantras of encouragement to myself about my greatness, and would express thanks to the Universe, to everybody and everything around me, for things that I hadn’t yet received.”

Instruction: List at least 50 things you are grateful for. As an added bonus this will actually trigger dopamine (in the brain) to make you happier. 

Can you believe it?

We’ve only covered half of the book. To get the next installment, sign up for our emails and you’ll get notified as soon as it is available. I can’t wait to share it with you.

Here’s some of what we’ll be covering:

  • Bum Rush Your Fears
  • Be Thankful For What Is Coming
  • Lack & Fear
  • Get specific about your WHY
  • Be Open to Opportunities
  • Money Mantra & Manifesto

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