As someone who dislikes excuses, I’ve come up with enough of them to prevent myself from losing weight and being successful. That’s why I needed a success mantra.

“I can’t stop eating foods I love.”

“I don’t have time to build my business.”

“It’s just so hard to build a business when I have 4 kids.”

It’s embarrassing but I think we all do it.


We Are All Using Excuses

Something is keeping you/me from being successful, and that is an excuse, right? Or more likely, multiple excuses.

My favorite excuses are “I don’t feel like it.” or “I don’t want to.” I’m an adult, I can do what I want to, right? Isn’t that what we grow up hoping?

But when you read The 5 Second Rule or join our book club featuring other awesome books, you’ll know that

1) We have to parent ourselves, and

2) No one ever said we had to FEEL like doing what needs to be done, it just needs to be done, plain and simple.

So as I sat going through my list of reasons to try to lose weight, I realized that by constantly saying “I don’t want to” do something, I was, in fact, making it so that I didn’t want to, even more. Sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy.


A Better Approach

What if I changed it to “I Want To Do This!” how could that change my mindset and help me be more successful?

It turns out quite a bit.

The next morning I got up with my husband and worked out, constantly telling myself “I want to do this, I want to do this” and I’m already losing weight.

I repeat to myself “I want to do this” when I’m eating healthy foods or when it’s time to hit a goal on my Apple watch.

And when I see cookies or some other junk food, I tell myself “I don’t want that”. Because I simply can’t get rid of all junk food with 4 kids and a husband in the house.

As for my business, I’m getting more done as I repeat “I want to do this!” instead of thinking “I’m tired, I want to sleep”.


How can you use this?

You can create your own mantra. A phrase that will encourage you to do the things that need to be done.

Then, just repeat it to yourself everytime you feel an excuse or obstacle coming on.

You are welcome to use mine: “I want to do this”.

But if you’d rather, here are a few tips to help you create your own:

  • Keep the phrase positive. Negativity isn’t nearly as motivating as positivity.
  • Keep it short.
  • Test them out. See if they motivate you to take action.

And, here are a few you can try in addition to my own:

  • I love taking care of myself
  • I love working on my business
  • This is going to be great
  • I’m great at this

Now repeat your mantra over and over, while you do the things you don’t love, and while you build the success you want. Soon, you’ll feel like you want to do the things you didn’t before, or at least that they are easier to do now.

Tell me about your mantra below!

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