As I browsed Amazon for motivational books I came across books that really fit women and really fit men. I already covered those I felt were great motivational books for women, so today I’m talking about those for me.

Please know that I don’t in any way think these books should not be consumed by both genders, however, some people are looking for books specifically for one gender and I’d like to point them in that direction.

Own The Day, Own Your Life


At just 10 days after its release Own the Day, Own Your Life already has 50 reviews on Amazon.

This book is all about helping you get the most out of life, and that covers all areas:

  • Waking
  • Working
  • Learning
  • Eating
  • Training
  • Playing
  • Sleeping
  • and Sex

Some of these topics are why I specifically think it’s a great book for men.

Just listening to him talk about owning your life, and embracing everything that is great, is so inspiring. (That was on his launch video on Instagram).

I think anyone who reads this will be moved. This man has put in a ton of energy to find what works, and to lead anyone willing to join him on the adventure. Just watch the video below and tell me you are motivated!!




The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck


I’ll be honest, I hate the name of this book. I just don’t love swearing.  

That being said, I’ve heard it’s a great book from A LOT of people, and it has been recommended to me several times. With 3,440 Reviews on Amazon 70% of them are 5 Stars, so this is not one of those books that won’t live up to its hype.

The reviews talk about taking personal responsibility and working on your own growth, and that is super important today when there are so many options in life. 

I recommend it to anyone who doesn’t mind the swearing and needs encouragement to be the person they want to be. I’m excited to hear more from people who have loved it.

This video below is awesome, I really hope people embrace it the message. 



Make Your Bed

Just over a year ago a motivating book called Make Your Bed was released and has since gotten an astounding 1700+ reviews on Amazon.

Inside, Admiral William H. McRaven shares his experiences from his life in the Navy and the important lessons and 10 principles that he has lived by.

He previously gave the commencement speech at University of Texas at Austin that went viral with over 10 million views (below). People just loved his wisdom and advice, and he finally included it in this book.

We all have so much to give and with the Admiral’s words we can learn how to change our own lives and improve the world around us.

I can’t wait to share this book with my kids.


Failing Up

I love Leslie Odom Jr. So it isn’t a surprise I was excited to see this book come out. I think it’s a great book for encouraging our youth to take risks and seek the life they want.

I find it so motivating to hear stories like this and to see people sharing their experiences to help others find greatness in themselves and live an extraordinary life.

Below is a video of Leslie talking about Failing Up.

Black Privilege

Out of all of these books, Black Privilege is the one I can’t wait to read. I only discovered it when I was searching for books for this post, and it looks awesome.

I love perspective so seeing someone talking about how they overcame something that negatively affects so many is very encouraging.

The author talks about his many mistakes and how he embraced who he was and did it at all costs to become who he is today. He was fired multiple times for his opinions and has an edgy way of looking at life.

I hope someone finds this motivating and helpful to move past their own obstacles and find a way to be happy.

There are a lot of motivational books that have been released in the last few years. Soon, I’ll put out a list that includes loads of great suggestions.

I hope you enjoyed these recommendations and look forward to you sharing your opinions below.

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