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As we build the database of concepts we’ll increase the yearly access fee.

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What You Get

New Insights & Perspective

Group discussions always reveal new insights, helpful tactics, and useful commentary.

Habits for Success

Exercises will are designed to help you build new habits, enhance your routines, and give you mind hacks to make it all easier.


One-on-One Support

Our team is there to answer your questions, offer suggestions, and find additional resources you may need.


Daily Lessons & Exercises

In just 5 minutes a day you’ll improve your knowledge and take action to make habitual change.

Cheatsheets & Action Guides

Quick resources help you take action without having to open the book. They also serve as reminders instead of checking your notes.


You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Do I Need To Read The Book?

We suggest reading the book before club starts or within the first week.

How Long Ago Should I Have Read The Book?

If you have a decent memory, any time with the last few years is fine. It’s really up to you and since you have the first week to finish the book, if you start and don’t remember things you have time to get caught up.

Why Isn't The Club Free?

We put a lot of time into reading and outlining the book, as well as researching opportunities to turn exercises into habits. On top of that we hire support to help monitor the community and to provide one-on-one support to anyone needing extra resources, overcoming obstacles, etc. We are trying to provide the best atmosphere to get results.

Can I Get A Refund?

Absolutely, if you aren’t happy with the club, please ask for a refund by the end of week 2 of any month. Just email [email protected] and I will personally refund you ASAP (please give me up to 12 hours, I might be sleeping). I will offer an opportunity to provide feedback but that is not required.

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