With so many people loving Gary Vaynerchuk I was really looking forward to reading Crushing It!. I even rushed through the book I was finishing up before it because I couldn’t wait. Here’s my Crushing It summary.

As I mentioned in my review of Crushing It, I thought the book was really long for what it had to say. That being said, there was a lot of great information.

Anyone can do this. Gary stresses how things are so different today and we can no longer depend on working at a company for decades. He proves that the least likely people can become personal brands by sharing dozens of stories about people who have done it.

You gotta hustle. Gary works 16 hours a day Mon-Fri to achieve his goals and anyone who wants to reach a level of freedom from a 9-5 job needs to be willing to work similar hours. They at least need to know they have to be willing to put in the time.

Be ready to invest years. It’s a LOT of work to get the attention you need to be your own brand. You have to build influence, give a lot of interesting content to your followers, and be willing to give for a long time to get where you want to be. (Read in my review how I don’t agree it takes as long as he suggests, or join the BookProf Crushing It course to start crushing it with other entrepreneurs and save loads of time on the learning curve.)

This works for businesses too. While Gary doesn’t specifically say this in the book, so many of the ideas he is teaching can easily be applied to businesses, so this is a great book for marketing teams.

Listen to your followers. Once you start putting out content people will follow you, but it takes time. When they start giving you feedback, listen to it and use it to improve your craft and the content you are sharing. They will show you what they are interested in, and what they aren’t.

Fears are B.S. So many people struggle with fears so Gary talks about them and his approach to overcoming them. He hits on Fear of Wasting Time, Fear of Failure, and Fear of Seeming Vain. Like any fear, it’s important to push these aside an shoot for the stars anyway. Give yourself the permission to crush it.

Choose the right platform for you. There are so many options today for deciding where to publish content. Gary covered Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Musical.ly, Instagram, Youtube, Podcasting, and Voice. I’m still a fan of blogging, but for a personal brand at least one of these platforms Gary suggested are necessary.

Use each platform the right way. One aspect I really enjoyed was Gary’s summary of how each platform is used. Twitter- News, Facebook- Catch up with Friends & Family, Snapchat- Entertainment, Youtube- Settle in for long-form video. Facebook is also doing a lot more with video and everyone needs to be on Facebook for the reach and exposure.

Content Needs to Be Awesome Crushing It has an entire chapter dedicated to the importance of content. It has to be entertaining or people won’t watch. The best idea for making content is to document your life, video what you are doing all the time, like Gary, and posting the interesting parts on your platform. Documenting the learning process of what you are doing.

Get Discovered In addition to being on platforms, it’s important to business development by contacting others in the business and offering to collaborate with them. You MUST OFFER VALUE or you won’t get responses. In addition, use hashtags where you can, they will help others find you and your content.

As I mentioned in my review I thought the book was long but as I read it, it inspired a lot of creative thought, so I definitely recommend reading it instead of a book summary only. You just do not get the same experience.

Additionally, I have written an action guide for fans of Crushing It to help them take action, get the support they need in building their personal brand, and getting a connection with others who are Crushing It. Get access by joining our book club

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