There was a lot of hype around Gary V’s new book, Crushing It, so I was excited to pick it up. I hadn’t read any of his other books but I follow him on Twitter and like his motivational tweets. I’ll be working on a take action course on Crushing It, but in the meantime here is my Crushing It review, The God, The Bad, & The Summary.


The Good:
  • Motivation – Gary is great at motivating people to move past their fears and concerns and just go for what they want. That alone is invaluable and something very much needed today. 
  • Expertise – He has a thorough understanding and perspective of each social network and the value of using it in a personal or even business branding approach. 
  • It’s For Everyone – Companies, as well as people, can definitely use the approaches suggested to build their businesses. 
  • It’s Fun – He makes personal branding exciting. 
  • No Prerequisite – You don’t have to read Crush It first. Just pick up Crushing It! 
  • Gary sounds like an approachable human and like a big brother trying to help people find happiness. 
  • Interesting stats – Like how people are spending almost as much time on Youtube as the TV.
  • Social proof – stories galore. Including: The Good Dog, John Lee Dumas, Lewis Howes, Pat Flynn, & What’s Inside? Youtube channel
  • Lots of great quotes and one-liners.
    • “You already have the tools to build the kind of powerful personal brand that can change your future.”
    • “No job is particularly stable anymore.”
    • “We need to give our children as much freedom as possible to gravitate toward what they love doing.”
    • “Even with only 1,000 followers, an entry-level Instagrammer could earn about $5,000 per year with just two posts a week, and then four thousand followers could net almost $20,000 per year.”
    • “Personal brands are for everyone.”

This is a great book for any entrepreneur who wants to be successful today. While I don’t think we all need to use social media, this is definitely one approach that can and does work for a lot of people.

Gary offers an approach to personal branding and business that is relatively new, and he doesn’t pull any punches. He explains that it takes a lot of time, and a lot of content to get the attention you are looking for. He also offers some ways to shorten that by discussing business development on Instagram.

My absolutely favorite part of the book is the different ways he suggests using each social media platform. I believe this is key to using them effectively and growing a large audience.

The Bad:
  • Everything in the book is too long. Almost three hundred pages and it could have been done in 200, easily.
The length is my first issue. I sighed when I turned to a new chapter and noticed how long it was. 4-6 pages to cover each social proof story was also too much for me.


  • Success does not have to take as long as Gary suggests. He says to keep growing until people start asking you to do things for money, yet he gives no guidelines about when that should be, or how to do other marketing to move things along.
He could mean something completely different from my take but some of these stories of several years of work before monetization are excessive. We live in a NOW world.


Who can afford to spend years building a business without a return? And while he doesn’t suggest people give up their jobs he makes it clear that it will be excessive amounts of work over years.


With the information available online today, there’s no reason it should take years without return. If people aren’t reaching out to you and you are getting activity on your work, reach out to them, no matter what platform you are on.


  • Lots of swearing for a book he recommends we pass on to children. I’m not averse to swearing in general but I don’t see the need for it either.
The Review Summary: 
I really liked it. I’m a marketer/ online entrepreneur and learned quite a bit from it. The main idea of Crushing It is to put yourself out there, start showing the world who you are, and you can do that by building a following and getting started on social media.


Leave behind the excuses and just do it. I came up with a whole new attitude for my children’s futures, how I feel about doing video and voice myself, and several ideas for my business, the brainstorming I got from this was invaluable. I also got an awesome YouTube idea for my entire family to participate in.


Who Should Read This:  
I actually suggest anyone interested in branding of any kind read this. If you want to be an entrepreneur or if you want to use the free social media platforms for your businesses, and especially if you want to build your own personal brand, as many people are doing today, please read it.


The perspectives on each platform alone are worth it. It’s a good read with unique take away dive never gotten anywhere else, trust me. read it. Thoughts? Leave your comments below & don’t forget to get updates on our upcoming course.

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