Have you ever read a book then totally flaked on implementing it?


If so, you are in the right place.


I’m turning awesome books into short, actionable courses so you can take simple steps to grow. 

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply.

Being willing is not enough; we must do.” – Leonardo da Vinci

I’m obsessed with how-to & self-help books. I want to learn everything. 

But, books take forever to read!   Seriously, 20+ HOURS a book? 

And, to master what the author teaches, they recommend you read it multiple times. 

Who has the time to do that??


Since we can’t dedicate the time we end up relying on services like Blinkist.

And, that’s totally cool. I use it, too.

They boil books down to 15-minute reads.

But, there’s still a problem…

Reading alone doesn’t make us change our ways. 

That requires:


Remembering the information when we are likely to use it…


Repeatedly reading the information & taking action on it…


Which is best done with support and accountability…


Repetition, Action & Accountability

We Change & Grow through Repetition, Action, & Accountability

If you are like me, you know you have to play with something to understand how it works. 


When you try something new, you want someone to show you how to do it, and then you jump in there. 


Knowing comes from repeating.

Repeating reminds you to take action. 

Taking action continuously develops habits. 

And new habits are how you grow into the person you want to become. 

So, how do we develop new habits (from awesome books), without spending too much time?


That’s what I hope I’ve answered with BookProf. 


I’m reading books and creating courses that promise results.


Each course includes the Action, Repetition & Accountability you need to be successful, plus: 



Daily 5 Minute Habit Exercises


Guided Group Discussions


Personal Success Coaching


Action & Quick Reference Guides

I know this all sounds great, but how does it help, how does it work? 


Simple. You read the book or the summary. I suggest you read the book so that as we go through the course you remember more aspects of the contents of the book, and remembering is half the battle.


Once you’ve read the book, you join the course. Each day you get a simple exercise, followed by reminders around different concepts during the day, join a guided group discussion, and slowly build new habits.


Wait! I have to read the book first?

Yes, there’s no way around it, reading it lays the foundation for everything we are going to do. On the plus side, if you’ve already read the book once, in years past, that still works.

Then why use BookProf?

Once you’ve read the book, you don’t want to pick it up and read it again so you can start taking action on it. You want to just know it all, so you live the fabulous life it promises.


Our brains don’t work like that. They need repetition, they need you to take action, to try new things many times to get them to soak in and become habits.


Normally, this would require you to get real familiar with the book of choice, instead, BookProf sends you a short message every day with your exercise.


Then, we jumpstart insightful conversations in group discussion, because you know it helps to learn from others reading the same book – Hello, book clubs!!


And since we really want you to succeed, you have a success coach who is working with you to make sure you enjoy the course and understand what you need to from the book.

So, if it’s a course, why not just buy the author’s course?

The great thing about BookProf is that it’s there to help you develop new habits and improve routines. Most courses aren’t written like this, they are written to help you learn even more about a topic.

While they are great, they don’t offer the focus on taking action. 

All that make sense? Great! You are here to take action on the inspiring concepts you read in today’s books.

Now, let’s talk about the books. Right now we have our first four courses:

Think & Grow Rich

You Are A Badass At Making Money

The 5 Second Rule

Crushing It. 


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