I recently finished reading Jen Sincero’s You’re A Badass At Making Money.

I had chosen the book because Jen’s fans are growing significantly and I wanted to work on my money mindset.

See, even though I had read Think & Grow Rich recently I thought this would be a good follow up to see how different authors approach the same/similar topics.

I’m pleased to say it was a great book, and there are a lot of helpful quotes that will inspire you while you if you are seeking a better money mindset. Let’s get started with my favorite inspiring quotes from the book:

You’re A Badass At Making Money Quotes (Inspiring)

“If you’re ready to make more money, you can.” The very first line of the book she jumps into encouragement.

“It’s about creating the wealth that affords you the life you’d love to live instead of settling for what you think you can get.” How powerful to consider this, because it’s probable you are settling right now, and you really don’t have to. 

“The knowledge that I could be doing so much better, but wasn’t, finally became so unbearable that I got off my butt and made the hell-bent-for-glory decision to get over my fear and loathing of money and figure out how to make some.” This was her story, she has been where we are, and she wants to help you get out of the rut you are in. 

“You have to be willing to do what it takes.”  Are you willing to put in the effort, to get uncomfortable and run from the settling and comfort you have now?

“Taking risks is uncomfortable, but it’s the kind of discomfort that’s equal parts eeek! And hell yeah!”

“It was apparently more worth it to me to keep doing things the way I was doing them than it was to work on my negative beliefs about money and change what I was doing.” This is a great point, have you considered that by not taking action on what you want to do with your life, and improving your money mindset, you are saying that how you are now, how you live now, is more important than your dreams?

“I was more attached to my truths about how evil money was, and to my beliefs about my ability — and my right — to make money, than I was to my desire to no longer shop for groceries at the dollar store.” So many of us do not believe in ourselves, we haven’t taken the time to stop and reconsider our beliefs and improve them for the life we want to live. 

“One of the biggest obstacles to making lots of money is […} that we refuse to give ourselves permission to become rich.” After reading the entire book, there is no way you can say this isn’t true. You have to check it out. 

“All that matters is what’s true for you, which is why getting really good at listening to your intuition and your heart, and following your happiness, is crucial.” One of the points Jen makes in the book is that the Universe has made you to be who you are and in doing so it expects you to become successful in doing that. Also, that if you desire it, it’s already available. Awesome!!

“If you allow yourself to make all the money you need to flourish and live out your desires, it does not mean you are or will become, a greedy, selfish, Earth-ruining bastard.” Super important, becoming rich does not mean you have to be all of the negative things you are thinking about rich people now.


“A healthy desire for wealth is not greed, it’s a desire for life.”

This has got to be the most awesome quote in the book. I just love, love, love this!!

“Your desires were given to you by the Universal Intelligence that created everything in existence with the express purpose of being carried out by you during your lifetime.” She even discusses how the Universal Intelligence is considered to be God by many people, so if you are religious this beautiful idea is telling you God made you the way you are for a reason, embrace it. 

“If you are here to become the grandest, most generous version of yourself, which you are, and if that costs money, which it does, it is your duty, as a hallowed child of Mother Nature, to get rich.” How inspiring to think it is our duty to become rich and do everything we hope to accomplish in life. 

“Humans are curious by nature, our desire to keep evolving physically, mentally, and spiritually is part of who we are, which is why settling, staying stuck in a rut, treading the lukewarm water of mediocrity (or worse) is so excruciating.” Exactly!

“You living your fullest life and making all the money required to do so doesn’t take anything away from anyone else any more than refusing a ham sandwich because someone, somewhere, is starving, helps them.” No reason to feel guilty about getting rich – yay!

“You denying yourself your heart’s desires is not noble, it’s a waste of some damn good desires. And it denies the world our only opportunity to bask in more of you.” Again, really encouraging and almost insisting on you doing this, but of course, you must take action, come join us in doing that

“You cannot give what you do not have, so if you want to help others you have to take care of yourself first.” All you people out there, here this LOUD, you have to take care of yourself before you can give. We all have to step up our self-care.

“Let’s take back the word “money” and decriminalize it, because until you do, you aren’t going to be terribly motivated to let yourself make much.” This is a perfect place to consider several of the exercises Jen describes in the book, one of which is writing a letter to money. Check out the book to learn more, soon I plan on publishing my own letter to money. 

“Embrace the fact that your quest for riches is a quest to become more of who you truly are.”  In case you needed more encouragement that you are supposed to go after what you want in life. 

“I started saying mantras of encouragement to myself about my greatness, and would express thanks to the Universe, to everybody and everything around me, for things that I hadn’t yet received.”  If you’ve read about abundance you know that being grateful and thankful for things you haven’t yet received is one of the best ways to manifest it. So this is a super important quote.

“If you believe money is evil and/or difficult to make, your bank account will have tumbleweeds blowing through it.”  If your bank account has tumbleweeds blowing through, then you need to readdress your feelings about money, get to it!

“If you believe the thoughts that are screwing up your financial life […] you can make yourself unbelief them too.” It’s so important to put in the work to revise your beliefs if they are holding you back. 

“The walls of your comfort zone are lovingly decorated with your lifelong collection of favorite excuses.”

I’m not a fan of excuses, so this quote is funny for me. I hope you enjoy it as well.

“What comes out of your mouth comes into your life.” Again, abundance thoughts are welcome and alive in this book. 

Success Story Quotes from You’re A Badass At Making Money

“I love and approve of myself, I am open to all good and abundance of the Universe, I know what I’m doing, I deserve success and respect and awards and money and the best the world has to offer, there is plenty of money and prolific prosperity for everyone, especially me!!”

“I focused on being me, creating and delivering something of value to the world. Success is not an end of the road game. It’s a never-ending road game. I am practicing seeing and feeling the successfully — as if it’s already done, won, and in the bank.”

These two quotes (above) were in the same story of success. This woman was so inspiring, and these quotes can really make a difference to anyone implementing what they’ve learned.

“If you have a desire to make fifty thousand dollars, that money, and the way for you to make it, already exists.”

“Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.”

“Your job is to consciously get your frequency in alignment with the money you desire to manifest and open yourself up to receiving it. This means getting clear on the value of the product or service you’re offering, being excited and grateful instead of weird and apologetic about receiving money for it, and having total faith that this money is on its way to you instead of worrying about the possibility of its not showing up.”  We live in a worry focused society, everything is so negative. Let’s take this advice to heart and start focusing on abundance. Every time you have a negative thought in regards to money or life, mine is there is never enough, change it up and focus on there always being plenty. 

“You do the energetic work, get your thoughts, actions, and words in line with what you desire to create, and surrender the rest of the details up to the Universe.”

“If the plan is to get rich, you’re gonna want to focus on abundance as much as possible.”

“When we’re cheap about spending it or weird about receiving it, we block its natural course, we put ourselves in a place of lack instead of abundance, our energy becomes richus interruptus.” Jen talks a lot about a lack mindset, and this quote is just a reminder that lack and fear are negative and work against abundance. 

“My turnaround started when I realized how much the Universe/God wanted to give me all I wanted.” How wonderful to have some affirmation that the universe does want us to have what we want. 

“I make it a point to have some cash in different places in my house at all times. Not so I can necessarily spend it, but more to set an unconscious reminder that money is everywhere and all I need to do is reach out and grab it.” This was from another success story. 

“Hurl yourself into the fire. Run face-first toward your biggest fear.” If something is scary there’s a reason why, and for business and money it often means we need to tackle it, deal with it, and get over it. 

“Slow down and shut up. Get practiced at taking deep breaths before you speak.” Meditating and listening are super important skills that we might not consider enough when working on a money mindset. 

“You have to want your dreams more than you want your drama.”

“I want to reiterate that taking huge scary leaps into the unknown is the best way to scare your BS to the surface anyway.” And when they come to the surface, we have to take the time to deal with them, fix them, and move forward.

“When you get a hit on what’s holding you back and realize what you need to do to move forward, act immediately.”

“Hesitation is the crack that all your favorite  excuses will burst through, drown out your resolve, and sweep you back to the safety of your comfort zone.” This quote spoke to me because I often hesitate, and I needed the reminder to keep moving instead of listening to the negative thoughts.

Why You Want To Be Rich Quotes from You’re A Badass At Making Money

“Doubts, fears, and other people’s rules are no match for a heart on a mission.”

“In order to become rich, you must connect to your desire for money with the passion of a goat who wants in off the porch.

And the key to do this is by getting clear on the specifics of your WHY: Why do you desire this money? What will you spend it on? How will it feel to make it, spend it, and bask in the manifestation of your ever so important Why?

Just wanting to get rich isn’t going to cut it — there has to be meaning behind the money of else the second it gets hard or expensive or someone tells you you’re high if you think you can get rich by selling your homemade ice cream, you’ll slink back to your goat pen of complacency instead of doing whatever it takes.”

“If you are going to make more money, you need to get in touch with the emotions surrounding your incentive for making it, because emotions are what drive you to action. And if you’re going to make the kind of money you’ve never made before, you’re going to have to do a whole lotta stuff you ain’t never done before, which will scare and challenge (and excite) the crap out of you.”

“So often we discredit the things that come naturally because we’ve bought into the idea that success needs to be difficult, or that if something comes easily to us, it must come easily to everyone, and therefore isn’t worth pursuing in any serious sort of way.”

“Your heart is the most powerful muscle in your body. Do what it says.”

“Instead of looking to where you can cut back, save, and play it safe, look at how you can expand, grow, and start acting like a badass who’s in control of your own life.” It’s so important to be positive! Get rid of the negative!

“Decide you’re unavailable to live your one and only life treating your dreams like they’re not as important as your fears, demand of yourself that you figure it out and make it happen.”

You’re A Badass At Making Money Quotes from Chapter Exercises

At the end of each chapter, Jen includes an affirmation and several exercises to put what you’ve learned into practice, here are a few from the first several chapters.

  • “I love money because I love myself.”
  • “I love money because I love living an awesome life.”
  • “I love money because money is always here for me.”
  • “I love money because it’s the root of so much awesome.”
  • “I love money and money loves me.”

I can’t say how much I love this book. These quotes are all from the first 5 chapters. The book is phenomenal, please take the time to read it. 

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