How can you turn a simple rule into a book?

That’s what crossed my mind when I saw that the incredible 5 second rule created by Mel Robbins was being turned into a book. But, with the thousands of people (maybe more) who were talking about and buying the book, I must have missed something, right?

Right! I finally picked up the book and dug in, after all, I love personal development and Mel Robbins so I couldn’t lose.

The book is great. If you want to make changes in several areas of your life it can definitely help. Mel does a wonderful job of discussing how and why it works, and giving you the foundation for using it to be successful with a lot of issues you might be experiencing.

However, one problem I keep having with the 5 second rule, and I had before I started reading the book, is remembering to use it and where to use it.

So, I’m writing a list of places and situations I think is good to use the rule, and if you can think of a time it would have helped to use it that will help you remember in the future.

Here goes:

1) You are really frustrated with your husband/spouse, because he forgot something, annoyed you again, or isn’t doing what you thought he was. Use the rule, and show love anyway.

2) Kids aren’t doing their homeschool, or per usual they just aren’t listening to you. Use the rule to stop and calmly speak to them instead of yelling.

3) Your boss demands you work overtime when you already have plans. Use it to breathe and consider how you’ll restructure your plans.

4) A family gathering turns ugly and you want to give people a piece of your mind. Count and think, is it worth the fight?

5) In line at lunch someone cuts ahead, they’re in a rush, count backwards and let it go, or tell them you are in a hurry.

6) A co-worker takes credit for work you’ve done.

7) You are worried about someone or something that is happening. Count and stay in the present moment. Take life one minute at a time.

8) On a diet and you have a craving, stop yourself and get a glass of water first, it’s supposed to fill you up.

9) Netflix is about to go to the next episode but you know you should get off the couch and do some laundry — stop yourself in that moment and go grab the next load.

10) At the bar you want to grab a drink but you don’t have a designated driver, use the 5 seconds to stop and get a ride in order first, maybe you can schedule an Uber?

11) You’ve been exercising everyday for a week and want to take the day off, count 5–4–3–2–1 and get up and move. Even if you exercise less, do something that counts, don’t break your streak, it’s almost impossible to get back to it.

12) In the car, you get pulled over and want to tell the cop off because you were only going 5 miles above the speed limit, use 5 seconds and calmly explain why you were speeding.

13) You’ve been asked to speak at an upcoming event, but you’ve never done it before and you hate getting in front of people. Use the rule, this is a wonderful opportunity for your career.

14) You are tempted to get rid of all the junk food in your house, but you feel like it would be a waste of money. USE THE RULE– make the better decision for your health and your family.

15) In public, your child starts screaming about a toy they want NOW. Instead of yelling, use the rule to get on their level and speak to them, not worrying what others think around you.

There are literally hundreds of ways to use the 5-second rule. Reading the book is inspirational and motivating, it makes you want to use the rule all day every day, and see amazing results in your life.

But, then you forget, you start to slip back into your comfort zone, and the excitement fades away unless you really push yourself to implement every day.

That is why I’ve started reading these books and putting together courses that help you slowly implement the concepts you find, build habits to use them regularly, and learn from others who are also trying to make these changes.

At BookProf, our next course is The 5 Second Rule. Over the 30-day course, we will use daily exercises, personal coaching, group discussion, and reminders to stay motivated and start using the rule every day.

Actionable Exercise for 5 Second Rule

I’m all about using concepts like 5 Second Rule to improve your life. But, you have to take action, or the excitement wanes, and nothing changes.

1) Today, whip out your notebook (I use the Rocketbook Everlast erasable notebook) and start a new page.

2) At the top write “Where I Can Use The 5 Second Rule.”

3) Underneath that write these themes: Kids, Spouse, Health, Work, Friends & Family (as they apply to your life). These will be reminders for you as you write your list.

4) Write a list of at least 20 situations or opportunities to use the rule. You can include any of the items listed above, but use them to make you think of other areas where you can use the rule to stop yourself.

5) Last but not least, make sure you plan what action you want to take instead. This step of planning ahead will help you avoid being caught in a situation where you might be emotionally charged and unable to think.

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